The activity of the Cycling Club, the lending bikes club, started during the 2011 summer at the Plytra residential area, near Asopos, of the Monemvasia Municipality. The Cycling Club lending bikes activity, has set an example to follow. Vagelis Vlahakis, who started this club, told us how the nice idea and activity was born.

“It all started when some bikes were left unused in the yard of the block of flats I was staying in a suburb of Athens. The bicycles were left in the yard, with no one ever using them, for about 3 years. On my own initiative I decided to repair them and give them to the building’s residents to ride. Very soon more bicycles were brought to our yard. These bicycles were left unattended for years in yards or store houses and since their former owners had bought new bikes they were happy to give them away.

This is how the Cycling Club of Lending Bikes was born. Our club is clearly a lending club and provides bicycles for young people and for the older ones with 3 wheels. Our objective is to promote the use of bicycles to people of all ages. Cycling should not be used only for recreation but also as a mean of transportation. Our decision for free use of the bikes aligns with our broader way of thinking about free economy, a system based on solidarity. As far as our club is concerned, we are planning to ride the bikes all year round. When it’s cold, a ride warms you up and in any case cycling is a good excuse to get together with a bunch of nice people. Now days it seems to be harder and harder for social activities and we need to work and keep our club active”.